The Schedule Has Been Updated

The schedule has now been adjusted to accomodate for daylight savings time which starts Nov 1st.  I realize that some of you have permits for specfic times so if I need to adjust it back please email me.  As long as it does not affect any double coaches I am happy to do that and I am sure some of you would be happy to change 8:00 games. 
You need to check the website on a regular basis for any game changes.  They will appear in red so you can easily spot them. 
Every effort was made to insure that double and triple coaches could get to the majority of their games, although there is no guarantee that you will not have to drive very fast. Games get moved around a lot in the course of producing the schedule so check it NOW and if I can improve it I will. When you contact me please list both the games that conflict since it may be easier for me to change one than the other.  It may, however, be a case of too many double coaches on the field, or field availability to make it work for everyone.
At the moment the following age groups are uneven: GU13, B13 & B14.  If you know of a team that might like to fill a spot please have them contact me.
Passcards and rosters are due to your area register ASAP.  Your area registrar is listed in the Learn About MAPLE section of the website. Instructions on how to make them are in the Coaches/Managers section. You may also now make your rosters and passcards electronically and that information is in the News section of the website.
Finally, make sure your email address on the website is correct. Games changes will not get to you unless it is - although I have no clue why I am telling you this since if it is incorrect you will not receive this message either.
We hope you enjoy the season and please call the MAPLE office if you have any questions
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