Policies & Procedures


The following is a brief summary of MAPLE procedures. For a more thorough explanation the applicable section of the Constitution or Bylaws has been referenced.


  • All Massachusetts clubs must affiliate with Mass Youth prior to being allowed to play and all adults must fill out a CORI form. Check their website, www.mayouthsoccer.org, for the appropriate procedures.
  • Out of State clubs must submit to Mass Youth proof from their home state that they have completed the above.


Schedule Changes - By-Law II 9a

  • Games may not be changed or moved, even by mutual consent of the coaches. Games may be moved by the league office in the event that the originally scheduled field is unplayable.
  • Games may only be postponed by U12 & U13 Elite teams and Division 1 teams in order to attend a tournament, Region 1 game, or for State Cup conflicts in the team’s respective state. State Cup postponements are not granted for Challenge Round games and only one is permitted per team. Vacation week does not qualify as a reason for a postponement.  An academic commitment of a significant number of the players on a roster may qualify as a postponment, but must be cleared first with the MAPLE office.
  • It is your responsibility to check the website several times each week in the Weekly Update section. Any changes for the coming week will be posted there.
  • If you are the home coach and your field has been changed or game postponed it is also your responsibility to notify your opponent in a timely fashion. Ask for a confirmation if you are leaving a phone message or sending an email.
  • In the event of obviously inclement weather (not just a light rain) on a Sunday morning, check the website for field closings. If you are in any doubt about a field being open, call the home team or field contact.
  • Schedule changes will be considered only if the request is made by 5:00 pm by email to the MAPLE office on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game. Referees will not be assigned for changed games if requested after 5:00 pm on Tuesday unless they are for field closures. .


Procedure for Field Closure - By-Law II 9b & c

  • It is the club's responsibility to check to see if their field is playable. Since many fields are controlled by town rec departments I realize that often it is not your call. Please make sure you have someone in each club responsible for getting this information.
  • As soon as you know a field will not be open you must notify the MAPLE office. Often games can be moved if there is sufficient notice. All changes and postponements will be listed on the website. No games will be moved to a different field after Saturday night at 6:00.
  • The deadline for closing a field is 10:00 Sunday morning for U13-18 and 7:00 for 7v7 and 9v9 fields. 
  • Clubs are responsible for notifying all teams scheduled at their field if a game is postponed or moved. The fact that it is listed on the website does not negate this responsibility.


Makeups- By-Law II 9d

  • Coaches should contact each other and agree upon a date and time for the makeup. Three options should be offered the away team.
  • In order to schedule a makeup game, the coach will have to go the home page of the website, click on the "Club Contact Login", and login with his user name and password. Your club contact should have assigned these, although a club may also designate one person to be in charge of submitting all the makeups. If you have not received one, contact your club, not me, to find out which procedure they use.
  • Once you have signed in you will get the club page; click on your team. At the top left of the team page there will be a green icon which says "schedule makeup game". The icon will only appear if the team has makeups to schedule.
  • Enter the game number in the box and click on the "search games" button. The original game information will appear along with spaces to enter the new information about the makeup. Fill in the information. When you have filled in all the blanks hit the update button.
  • An email will be sent to your opponent (provided his email has been added to his club page) The opponent has to likewise agree to the makeup by logging into the website and approving the game. When this has been done an email is sent to me and, provided that I approve the reschedule, the game is entered on the website. Only then will referees be assigned. Both coaches will receive confirmation that the makeup has been accepted.
  • The makeup date must be at least 3 days in advance of the date that the makeup is posted or I cannot guarantee that referees will be assigned to your match.
  • Makeups should be scheduled within 3 weeks of the originally scheduled date of the match, although the play date may be further in the season. Games that are not made up within a reasonable time period are subject to being scheduled by the league. If you are having trouble agreeing you should contact either the Boys Director, Tony Luongo or the Girls Director, Kathy Kelly. Their contact information is on the Commission page in the Learn About Maple section and at the front of this book.

This is the only procedure that can be used to schedule makeups. An email to the league office does not schedule a game. Please be sure that your club and team pages are up to date and accurate.


Score Reporting - By-Law II 7a

  • Scores should be called or emailed to your Age Group Coordinator each Sunday night by 9:00 PM. Everyone should call, not just the winners. That way, we should have the standings and scores posted to the web by Monday morning.
  • There is a listing of Age Group Coordinators on the website in the "Learn About MAPLE" section.
  • If there is a discrepancy in the scores reported the referee’s report is the final authority.
  • Scores are not reported for the U9 & U10 age group as we do not keep standings.
  • There is a 6-0 cap on goal differential per game.

Passcards & Rosters -

  • The Coaches/Managers section of the website contains complete information on the requirements for passcards and rosters.


Multiple Rostering - By-Law I 4b

  • Players may be rostered on only one MAPLE teams during the seasonal year.  Players can be rostered concurrently on a team in any other league but must be registered with US Youth Soccer and officially added to the team roster.  Guest players and club passing from other leagues is not allowed. 


Game Procedure - By-Law I 5a

  • All teams must have rosters and passcards at the field. If a team is missing either they have until the end of the game to produce them. The game will be played and the fact that they are missing reported to the MAPLE office by the referee. This game may be declared a forfeit by the League office. Referees do not determine forfeits.
  • Individual players lacking a passcard will not be allowed to play.
  • If a team does not have a coach with a passcard at the game, an adult substitute may coach the game with a driver’s license for identification.
  • If no game official appears for a game the teams must agree to either play with a substitute referee or postpone the game and agree to a makeup. Games played with an agreed upon substitute referee may not be protested.


Player Equipment - By-Law II 6c

  • The referee at the field is the sole judge of the suitability at game time of a player’s equipment, including casts & braces.

Forfeiture - By-Laws II 10 & 11

  • Teams planning on forfeiting a game must notify the MAPLE office in advance as well as the opposing team. Any team which forfeits a regularly scheduled MAPLE game will be fined $300.


Ejections - By-Law II 12

  • The automatic suspension for the ejection of a player is one game. For a coach, assistant coach or manager it is two games. Passcards will not be kept by the referees. All suspensions will be listed on the website each week.
  • Any team with three suspensions during the season will lose one point in the standings.
  • Ejected players may remain in the playing area if there is no responsible official available to escort them elsewhere. Ejected adults must leave the field and remain 100 yards away for the rest of the game and not communicate with the team.
  • Suspensions are served only with the team on the field at the time of the suspension. During the suspension the official may not come within 100 yards of the playing field or have any contact with the team either before or after the game or at half-time.


Protests - By-Law II 13a

  • Protests must be postmarked and sent to the Protest Officer within 24 hours of the game, along with a protest fee of $200. The Protest Officer’s contact information is on the website.
  • Judgment calls by the referee may not be protested. Before filing a protest I suggest calling the Protest Officer to discuss the basis of the protest.