Fall Registration is now closed

Registration is now closed.  New teams will be accepted only if I have an uneven number of teams in an age group.

All clubs are required to submit a copy of their Constitution and By-Laws. A sample Constitution and By-Laws can be found in the forms section of the website. If you submitted one recently you do not need to do so again. All clubs must also submit the club information form in order to register if you are a new club or if the information has changed. The form is in the Forms section of the website.

In order to report scores Gotsoccer teams must supply a Gotsoccer number with their team registration. If you do not have a number please contact them, although if you have ever played in a Gotsoccer tournament you will have one. Since we do not report scores for U10 this information is not necessary for that age group.

Any new team may register. Registration is separate from your other teams and is done by filling out the U9 registration form in the News Section. Payment for U9 teams can only be made by check.

U10 & U11 Any new team may register. U10 & U11 placement is done on a regional basis. Teams will be asked if they prefer a higher or lower section. At the moment teams who requested a higher section at U10 are listed in the Blue Section, teams in the middle section are listed in the Orange Section, and teams who requested a lower section are listed in the White Section for U11. If you want this changed please let me know.

U12 & U13 U12 groups & U13 groups will be formed based on the previous spring’s results. Exact placement cannot be determined until after registration when the total number of teams in each group is finalized. New teams are placed in one of the bottom divisions. At the moment teams are still in there spring groups and will be for several weeks.

U12 teams are automatically placed in the 11v11 group. If you want to play 8v8 you will have to either create a new team or notify me and I can easily move it.

U14 New teams are accepted in Division 3.

Roster Sizes -

The roster limit for 8 v 8 teams is 15 players. For U10 teams, 50% of their roster must have reached the age of 10 during the seasonal year.

The roster limit for 11 v 11 U12 & U13 is 18 players.

The roster limit for U14 is 22, although only 18 players may participate in each game.

Continuity of Rosters -

Teams U14 wishing to play D-1 must demonstrate a continuity of roster each year when they register a team. To demonstrate a continuity of a roster a team must maintain a minimum of 30% of the players from the previous year’s roster throughout the entire season. If the roster drops below this percentage based on circumstances not under the control of the coach the roster will be reviewed by the Commission.

Teams must submit their current roster, along with the previous year’s roster, to their Area Registrar in order to have their roster approved. The previous year’s roster must be marked to indicate clearly which players are returning from the previous year.

Out-of-State teams will need to submit copies of both years’ rosters to the MAPLE office to be approved.

Number of players which would meet the 30% rule:

2013 Spring Roster Size Required for Fall 2013

15-16 players 5 players

17-20 6 players

21-22 7 players

Field Requirements - All clubs must supply a field suitable for their teams. 8 v 8 games are Sunday mornings, 9:00, 10:15 & 11:30. All clubs with 8 v 8 teams must supply a field that is available for all of those times.

All others are Sundays afternoons, 1:00, 2:30 & 4:00. Clubs comprising 1 or 2 teams may join together to share a field. If you are a single team club who plays 11 v 11 you will not be guaranteed more than 2 home games. You can also specify certain dates your field is available if you are sharing it with town organizations.

Field requirements for all age groups:

1-4 teams 1 field
5-8 teams 2 fields
9-13 teams 3 fields
14-19 teams 4 fields
20 teams or more 5 fields

How to Register - Go to the front of the MAPLE website. Login into your club at the club login which is located at the bottom right of the front page. In most cases your user name is your email. If you do not remember your password contact me.

If you are a new club, you will see a place where you can create a club. This is for new clubs only. Everyone who had teams in the league last spring will already have the information available on the website.
You will be asked to register teams for the fall 2014 season by double clicking the red button next to "fall 2014" New U10-U13 teams will be listed as "open season" since those divisions have not yet been determined. All other teams should be listed in their appropriate division.

You will be required to complete coaches and managers information before you can register. Teams returning from last season will have the coach's and manager's information carried over. You can edit or change this as necessary. You can also create new teams in any age group..

Proceed to the fields section at the bottom. A list of your previous fields will appear. If there are no changes you do not have to do anything. If there are, select the "manage your fields" button. You will then have the option to create new fields, delete previous ones, or exclude teams or dates. Please delete any field that appears that you no longer use. Please update your fields. I find every season games being assigned to fields that I know a club has not used for years.

If you have a field only for U10 or U11 use you must exclude all your other teams from it. Likewise, exclude the U10 and U11 teams from your larger fields. You can also differentiate fields on the basis of size if you would like your older or younger teams on certain fields. If certain teams need to be on certain fields you can designate them here.

When you are done with the fields return to the top and mark the box next to each team to register that team. When all the teams are done hit the bottom bar to register selected teams. That will send an email to me to approve the teams. Teams will be approved only when a check for them is received in the MAPLE office or your credit card has been accepted. You may register the teams a few at a time or all at once, but you may not change the payment option once you have registered the team. If you wish to charge the league fee it must be done at the time you register the teams.

If you are not going to claim one of your spots please send me an email so I know you just didn't forget to check it.

In the past I have honored requests to arrange schedules for coaches who have more than 1 team. I must have an email from the club indicating who those coaches are. This includes coaches of U9, U10 & U11 teams.

Division 1 teams and U12 & U13 teams in the Blue Division may postpone one match per season to attend a tournament. If you intend to exercise this option I must be informed by mid-July.

League fees for fall are $725 for 8 v 8 teams, $980 for 11 v 11 teams. If you are paying by check it should be sent to MAPLE, 85 Cottage St, Natick, MA 01760.

The deadline for registration is July 4th. After that date teams will be accepted only to even out groups. The last date to drop a team is July 15th.
The season starts September 7th and runs for 9 weeks. There are no games October 12th which is Columbus Day weekend.

Last season I had a great many clubs submit teams and then withdraw them after the schedule was started. This creates a mess so please do not submit teams unless you are absolutely certain that you have enough players to fill a roster.



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