Promotion Games 2014

Due to the fact that tryouts were advanced to prior to these matches we have decided to allow teams to modify their rosters based on the tryouts.  You may add players who have been added to the team for next fall season and drop players who have gone elsewhere. 

Teams with changes will need to complete a tournament roster and have it verified by their league registrar. They will also need passcards.  I will be notifying the league registrars that they will be hearing from some of you.

Teams must check in at the pavillion with rosters, passcards, and all the players dressed and ready to play at least 1/2 hour before game time.


B14-1 v B14-2    Explosion -P 4  v Galway Rovers 1  6/8   11:30  Field 1

Explosion wins

B14-2 v B14-3 loser     Real Boston v  St Michaels    6/8    1:15   Field 1

Real Boston wins

B14-3 Blue v B14-3 Red      Commonwealth v St Michaels    6/7   2:45   Field 1

Commonwealth wins

B15-1 v B15-2    FC Blazers 0 v Valeo  1 6/15   1:45   Field 5

Valeo wins

B15-2 v B15-3   Hammer 5  v Lusitana  1 6/15    1:45   Field 1

Hammer wins

B16-1 v B16-2   NEFC 0  v North Shore United  1 6/15   1:45   Field 4

North Shore United wins

B17-1 v B17-2      Galway Rovers 6 v Real Boston 3   6/8   2:15   Field 2

Galway Rovers win

G14-1 v G14-2     Best 1  v SS Select   5 6/8   8:00  Field 1

SS Select wins

G14-2 v G14-3 loser   Berkshire 0 v  SF Vikings  1  6/8    4:00   Field 2

SF Vikings win

G14-3 Blue v G14-3 Red   Best v SF Vikings   6/7     1:00  Field 1

Best wins

G15-1 v G15-2      JSSA 1  v BlackWatch  0

JSSA wins

G15-2 v G15-3 loser   Delta 0 v   Synergy  1   6/8    10:45   Field 2

Synergy wins

G15-3 Blue v G15-3 Red    Synergy 1 v Mill City 3   5/ 31  11:00   Field 11

Mill City wins

G16-1 v G16-2      FC United  0 v Explosion  3  6/15     3:30   Field 1

Explosion wins

G17-1 v G17-2      Mill City 0 v Ocean State 1   6/15   1:45   Field 1

Ocean State wins


Promotion games will be held the first 3 weekends of June.  All matches will be held at Lancaster Fields. No games will be permitted at any other venue.

A team failing to field sufficient players for a scheduled promotion game will automatically be relegated.
 Promotion games are a single match between the 7th place team in the higher division and the 2nd place team in the lower division.
If a 2nd Division, 7th or 8th place Division 1, or former MAPLE team is in the semi-finals of the State Cups we will not be able to determine the teams for promotion until the semi-finals are over. These games will then take place the following weekend.  
If a team lower than 6th place in Division 1 is in the finals of the State Cups then the 6th place team will be added to the promotion games and additional games will be added. This does not affect the Division 2 v Division 3 game.
MAPLE teams who have left to play in a Region 1 league, DAP or ECNL have the option to return. If they reach the State Cups semi-finals their acceptance is automatic. If they do not reach the semi-finals they may join the promotion matches for the division they previously occupied. However, if the club kept the divisional spot of the team that left, then the returning team must reach the State Cup finals in order to return.
Promotion games are considered part of the regular MAPLE season. Neither the location or the time may be changed.  There is no charge for these games.

The following are exceptions to this procedure:

U16 & U17
There will be no promotion games between D-2 and D-3 U16 & U17.  Only the 8th place team in D-2 will be relegated and the 1st & 2nd place teams in D-3 will advance.

U15 Girls
The winners of the U15 Blue & Red sections will play each other.  The winner will automatically advance to D-2.  The loser will play the 7th place team in D-2.   

The U14 divisions for U15 2015 will be reduced to 8 teams.  The procedure will be as follows:
U14D-1: The 1st place team in D-2 will be promoted to D-1.  The 7th place team will play the promotion game against the 2nd place team in D-2 and the 8th, 9th & 10th place teams will be relegated to D-2.  

The winners of the U14 Blue & Red sections will play each other.  The winner will automatically advance to D-2.  The loser will play the 5th place team in D-2 and the 6th -10th place teams will be relegated to D-3.  

The top 5 teams in the Blue & Red sections will have a place in D-3 for next year.  The 6th & 7th place teams will be subject to challenge from any new teams wishing to enter the league.  If there are no challenges those teams will also have a place. Further information on the qualifying games, and the declaration form, is available on the tournament section of the website.

The 8th -10th place teams in the Blue & Red sections will be dropped but may request placement on the waiting list.

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