U9 Program


8 teams per group, all group members will play at the same site, 7v7 format
4 Sundays of play
2- 50 minute games ( 9am and 10:30am)
Girls and boys will play on alternate Sundays

13 player maximum
50 % must be U9( born between 8/1/2006 and 7/31/2007) Of remaining players two (2) May be U7 players ( 8/1/2008-7/31/2009) No child born after 7/31/2009 is allowed to be rostered Add/drops will follow Maple guidelines Each player must have a U9 specific pass card ( except players registered in RI) All rosters and pass cards must be sent to:

KATHLEEN KELLY - U9 Program Director -  ( not area registrar)
12 Sherwood Rd. Springfield, MA 01119    Phone:  413-782-0812

Any club that has a field to offer please notify Kathy Kelly and Kathy Irwin.
Size : 50 yards by 40 yards
Marking requirements will be sent to clubs offering fields

6 1/2 by 12
If goals are needed at a host site, Maple will loan them to the club

The fee is $700 and games will start on 9/13


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