U9 Program


8 teams per group, all group members will play at the same site, 7v7 format
4 Sundays of play
2- 50 minute games ( 9am and 10:30am)
Girls and boys will play on alternate Sundays

13 player maximum
50 % must be U9( born between 8/1/2006 and 7/31/2007) Of remaining players two (2) May be U7 players ( 8/1/2008-7/31/2009) No child born after 7/31/2009 is allowed to be rostered Add/drops will follow Maple guidelines Each player must have a U9 specific pass card ( except players registered in RI) All rosters and pass cards must be sent to:

KATHLEEN KELLY - U9 Program Director -  ( not area registrar)
12 Sherwood Rd. Springfield, MA 01119    Phone:  413-782-0812

Any club that has a field to offer please notify Kathy Kelly and Kathy Irwin.
Size : 50 yards by 40 yards
Marking requirements will be sent to clubs offering fields

6 1/2 by 12
If goals are needed at a host site, Maple will loan them to the club

Rules of Play

1. Throw-ins - Referees have been told to use as a teachable moment and allow a retake, after explaining to the player what he/she did incorrect.

2. No punts or throw-ins are allowed to cross midfield in the air. Offensive players should retreat to midfield. Ideally, coaches would be having the goal kick passed to a defender and worked up the field through a series of passes.

3. On kick-offs - There should be a center circle with defending players outside of the arc

4. Substitutions are allowed on ANY stoppage of play.

5. In was agreed at the coaches meeting in June that offsides would be be called.



The fee is $700 and games will start on 9/13


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