Referee Issues

In cooperation with the Massachusetts State Referee Committee, MSRC, MAPLE will implement the following process to address Referee issues outside of By-Law Section II, 13.a beginning Spring of 2009.

Within MAPLE complaints, issues dealing with Referee(s) will go through a formal process to be presented to the MAPLE Commission.  The Commission will evaluate the reported issue to ensure it is credible enough that we would then refer it to the MSRC for review.:
1.    All correspondence must come from a team official who was present at the game.

2.    Submittal must be authorized by the club president, and sent to the MAPLE Commissioner.

3..   All correspondence must include name (not just e-mail tag), address and phone number.  If not included the correspondence will be invalid.

4.    Has the correspondent taken a referee course?

5.    Is or has the correspondent been a registered referee?

6.    Does the correspondent know FIFA Laws 5, 6 and 12, including the decisions of the International FA Board?

7.    Does the correspondent know the Mass Youth Coaches Code of Conduct?

8.    Does the correspondent know the MAPLE by-laws, in particular By-Law Section II, 5.c?

9.    Correspondence containing foul language - unless specifically quoting comments that a game official is alleged to have made - is unacceptable.

10.   What, specifically, was/were the game official(s) doing or not doing.  Vague comments are unacceptable.

11.   Hearsay and secondhand comments will receive no response or action.  Anyone being quoted in the correspondence must be identified including - to the extent possible - how to reach that person.

12.   Submission of this correspondence does not initiate the formal Protest process.  To submit a formal Protest, the correspondent must follow the league By-Law Section II, 13.a. This is meant to address issues outside of By-Law Section II, 13.a.
Charlie Calcagni
Massachusetts Premier League

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