Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Premier League exists to provide competitive play for any team interested in the highest levels of youth soccer.  It offers a league structure based solely on merit which is stable, consistent, predictable and comprehensible for all teams..  The structure serves complementary but different purposes.  Allow all teams access and a chance to rise; pit each team against a worthy opponent in every game.  MAPLE's three divisions do this by providing opportunity to the aspiring, competition for the developing, and challenge to the highly competitive.

MAPLE would have it's clubs:

Seek players on the basis of ability as distinct from residence, school, society, economy or ethnicity
Search out the gifted but untrained, and develop them into players
Regard players in terms of a youth career, not just a season
Recruit the finest coaches available to train their teams
Take as part of their responsibility the development of officials, as well as teams

We take, as a reasonable measure of our success, our teams' successes at regional, nationals and international competitions, as well as the Region One Leagues, DAP and ECNL.  If these do not continue we will not have done our job.  But victories such as these are not an end; in the longer view they are a means.  Clubs that can rightfully reach for such heights should and will help their players to secondary and higher level educational opportunities not otherwise available.  Moreover, such clubs will have given their players broad cultural, socio-economic and geographic experience of more enduring value than any trophy or prize.  Youth with such opportunities and exposure become more productive adults, and leaders of adults, as well as of the next generation of youth. 


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