Club Pass U9-13

Club passes will be allowed for the above age groups.  This means that you may write-in a player on your roster for a single game as long as they are registered to your club and meet the following conditions: 
  • Players can play for more than one  team, assuming they are age appropriate to that team, but they must be rostered to one team only and can then be written in on a roster for a particular game.  They must also have a passcard. 
  • Following this procedure, players may play more than one game per day.
  • All of the above apply only to players within your club.  You may not use players from other clubs. 
  • Any changes to the roster must be completed before the start of the game.
  • This does not apply to players on U14 teams, even if the player is actually U13 or younger.  There are no club passes allowed in U14 and older.
  • U9 players all need a U9 passcard.  If a U9 player is rostered to a U10 team they will also need a U9 passcard in order to club pass on a U9 team.