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Those who know me well know that I am not a technical wizard.  However, I do know that many people have asked me about team apps so I decided to check this out since it was free.  And I was impressed.  So this is not an endorsement - I merely wanted to pass along the information and it seemed a good time to do so since you will be creating new teams. 

I have had the chance to sit with Dan Dougherty of Team App and together we built a custom mobile app on his Team App platform.  It is a useful tool and Dan would be happy to help build your custom Team App at no cost. He can be reached at 781 405-6561 or 

Here are the details from Dan:

Team App is a FREE Mobile App platform that allows teams, clubs and leagues to better communicate with their communities. Coaches value the ease to update athletes and parents. Parents love having all the information for a team in one spot on their smartphone and sponsors pay for the exposure which makes it free for your club and your fans.

It’s quite simple. You build and store your Team App on our website - and invite your community to connect via SmartPhones.  Here is how it helps:

·    Easily push NEWS messages that appear instantly as a push notification on the phone of players and parents.
·    Highlight important EVENTS with all key data for parents and players including field locations.
·    Access SCHEDULES in two clicks
·    View player AVAILABILITIES from information stored by players/parents.
Parents and Players
·    Receive instant NEWS push notifications from your club or coach on important data like field changes and team updates.
·    Post and receive LIVE SCORES
·    Share action PHOTOS with the club
·    Interact with your team via a private CHAT room.
Your Club
·    Keep you community better informed off the field so play can excel on the field.
·    Promote SPONSORS and commercialize your Team App. 
·    Team App is FREE!
All the relevant information for the team is in one very convenient location - the smart devices that we carry with us all the time.  
Your Team. Your App.
Team App. 

Dan Dougherty
781 405-6561

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