Information for Coaches and Managers

Rosters & Passcards

Blank roster forms are available on the MAPLE website, Passcards are available either from the MAPLE office or from your area registrar. You can determine your registrar by checking the MAPLE website. When you roster & passcards are ready they should be sent to that registrar to be signed and laminated.

No one will be permitted to play without a valid signed and laminated passcard. Coaches, managers and anyone else who might be on the players' side of the field must also have a passcard. You are allowed four adult passcards per team.

Out-of-state teams use the passcards and roster validated from their home state.

If you have out-of-state players on your roster a permission for them to play in Massachusetts must be on file before the players can be put on your roster. The parents of the players should contact the appropriate state organization to get this permission.

Once a player is on your roster they cannot be removed without a Player Status Form, found on the website. This is form is signed by the parents and player and submitted to the club who then forwards it to the area registrar with a new roster showing the player as a drop.

A player may transfer between teams at any point in the season until the roster freeze deadline in May. The same Player Status Form is used and the same procedure is followed as for a drop. Transfers do not have to be signed or approved by the losing team.

A player who moves between two teams in the same club counts as a transfer and may not move back to their original team until the soccer year is over.

Teams are allowed five transfers per year. A transfer is only counted against the team gaining the player.

You must submit two copies of your roster at game time - one for the referee and one for the opposing coach. You may blank out the phone numbers & town on these rosters if you wish. If your official roster has more than two pages you may combine them unto one page, but it must indicate that it is a "Game Roster" and it must be signed and verified by your registrar.

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